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I aspire to create beautiful works to be enjoyed and admired by my clients. 

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Why Not Commission Me For A One Off, Unique Painting?

Just contact me with your requirements. I carry out commissions with a floral theme, and can base these on your favourite flowers or your garden. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Do Commissions?


How Long Do Commissions Take?

An oil painting can take up to 6 months to complete due to the complexity, and the nature of oils requires me to paint in stages while each layer dries. Please contact me with your specific requirements and I can give you an idea of timescale for your piece. 

Can I Choose What Size My Painting Is?

Of course – as long as I can purchase the exact size of canvas you want from a large number of options, I can perfectly match your sizing requirements. 

Do you paint dogs and people?

Sorry, but ‘floral art’ is my area. There are many amazing artists out there that specialise in animals and portraits. 

Can I Come To Your Studio?

Sure – I would love to show you my original artwork. Just contact me to arrange a convenient time and date. 

How Can I Pay?

Bank transfer or cash please, for original artwork.
Cards and prints can be paid for online.  

Meet The Artist

Carol Phillips

See ‘Upcoming Events’ for details. 
Arrange to meet Carol at her studio in Digby, Lincolnshire.

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