A useful list for new, emerging artists. Hopefully it will help to get some talent noticed and recognised. 

1) Create a Facebook page – an excellent free resource where you can constantly add new items. Invite all your regular friends, add all your artwork and encourage all your friends to share. 

2) Have a beautiful website showing examples of your work – a gorgeous online gallery where people can view and purchase your work.

3) Do craft and gift fairs. Get out there, and meet people in real life – people want to buy art from artists they’ve met!

4) Get on the mailing lists for local galleries so you can show your work in joint exhibitions.

5) Run some art classes – this will give you a bit of income while you are getting known, and it’s also another way of promoting yourself.

6) I once put flyers through hundreds of doors on an estate I lived on – I ended up selling three originals paintings to just one customer!

7) Contact your local newspaper – they need items to fill their pages and will be glad of something visually appealing.

8) Offer to write articles about your work for local magazines – same as above, they want something that looks good and if you write the article it’s easy work for them!

9) Open Studios – a scheme that’s in many areas where the public comes to your home to see your artwork.

10) Offer to display your artwork in local cafes/council buildings etc.

Try to have consistency with your style and subject so that your work can be recognised and distinguished from other artists.

Good luck! 

Carol Jane Phillips – Freelance Artist
Available for commissioned work. 

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