A couple of months ago I carried out some research – for both inspiration, and the future development of my own social media presence.

Here are 13 brilliant artists – they are all popular and really great at what they do, and all have at least 20,000 followers on facebook.

Katy Jade Dobson Art – 56K

  • Her work is bright and eye catching.
  • Everything about her page looks classy and beautiful.
  • She posts regularly – with different aspects of her artwork.
  • Her work is different, with little things emerging from the background.
  • She releases different collections – so she can change her style.

Emma Bridgewater – 147K

  • Bright and happy art.
  • Very commercial – it is used for pottery.
  • It’s like Cath Kidston, in that it is in our homes, as homeware items.
  • She started as a pottery designer rather than an artist – interesting back story.
  • It’s very English – capturing the essence of country life.

Yvonne Coomber – 105K

  • Stunning colours – conjuring English meadows.
  • Distinct recognisable style.
  • Very accomplished in her style of splashing on the paint.
  • She releases lots of competitions to gain more publicity.
  • Her work is to do with love and each piece is named as such.

Chris Rivers – 32K

  • His work is so cool!
  • There is a darkness of his work with the interest of the items emerging such as angels.
  • He’s a ‘real’ artist – surrounded by oil and mess!
  • A large contrast – with dark, ‘cool’ colours.
  • Shows himself a lot in the social media – with his paintings.

Julie Dumbarton Fine Art Painter – 82K

  • She lives and paints in a converted church on the Scottish borders – living the dream!
  • Her work is incredibly bright and colourful – exudes happiness – it’s all about colour.
  • She runs art courses – online and in real life.
  • The theme is the outdoors – something lots of people can relate to.
  • Julie is likeable and ‘real’.

Stuart Davies Artist – 19K

  • The profile picture is a photo or him, like almost all the others.
  • Accomplished landscape painter.
  • Atmospheric landscapes.
  • Great contrast between light and dark.
  • Classy – and appeals to people who wants a ‘real’ piece of traditional art.

Kerry Darlington – 19K

  • Illustrative and different!
  • So incredibly skilled – an amazing talent.
  • Unbelievable skin tones.
  • Clever, well thought out composition.
  • Exciting – story telling.

Jamie T – 285K!!!!!!!

  • He paints animals – very popular subject!
  • His style is flowing and energetic – with splashes of watercolour.
  • He is cool – general public can relate to him – he has loads of tattoos and a cool name!
  • Amazing marketing techniques.
  • Using multicolours on white background.

Marco Grassi Painter – 210K

  • Unbelievably life-like.
  • Absolutely incredible talent.
  • Figurative – a modern day ‘master’.
  • So classy.
  • Incredibly cool.

Daria Callie – 75K

  • So inspiring – there are amazing tutorials on her page.
  • Incredibly life like.
  • Profile picture shows her with her work.
  • Classy and professional.
  • You tube teacher.

kelogsloops – 163K

  • Young digital artist – amazing talent.
  • So cool – work is so contemporary.
  • Restricted colour palette – grey and red mainly.
  • Almost cartoon like – illustrative.
  • Watercolour – figurative.

 Karl Kopinski – 552K

  • Such a cool style – relating to comics and gaming.
  • Appeals to those that typically aren’t into art.
  • ‘Real’ talent – unique artist.
  • Very contemporary.
  • Had lots of really well known commercial clients.

Margaret Morales Art – 36K

  • Manga Artist – cool and modern.
  • Stylised watercolour portraits in surreal settings with flowing lines and vibrant colours.
  • Featured and shared by numerous publications, popular brands, and art websites.
  • Beautiful, colourful style
  • Very commercial and child-like.

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