My latest painting took 6 months, and sold within 48 hours of completion.

It’s a painting about transition, and about combining photographs, inspiration and newly learnt skills – but what is created is even more majestic than the individual photos.

Described as the following:
“I see the lovely flowers and a storm but it isn’t permanent. The storm will pass and what is left will be the sun, and watered flowers, blooming.”

Living in the Lincolnshire countryside, it’s a regular sight to see whole fields of poppies, and as I returned from a photoshoot, I had my DSLR on the seat beside me. These poppies were so pretty alongside the road that I stopped the car, rolled down the passenger window and leaned out of the car to get this shot.

I intend to paint more along the same theme, showing poppies and other flowers against dramatic and beautiful skies. I can’t wait for the Spring when I will be out shooting and collecting inspiration again.

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