I was so excited to find out that Lincoln will once again be hosting a sculpture trail in the summer of 2020.

The theme this time is imps:
“A trail of 30 colourful Lincoln imp sculptures in and around the city of Lincoln, designed by local and national artists, and raising money for St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice.” 
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I have submitted three designs – each showcasing an aspect of my work:
1) Trees:
Trees have been a common theme of my paintings over the last few years. This design combines trees that are especially important to me and my friends. A huge chestnut tree has been a source of ongoing entertainment to my two daughters for climbing and collecting conkers just outside our Lincolnshire home; another that I pass on my daily run continues to fascinate me at it constantly changes.

2) Poppies:
Poppy Fields Forever – Lest We Forget
Inspiration for this design comes from the fields of poppies that I see when out cycling and running locally. I have also been inspired by Lincolnshire’s strong ties to the RAF which were strengthened on a recent visit to the International Bomber Command Centre on Canwick Hill.

3) Dandelions:
Dandelions – An artist’s IMPression
The playfulness of the imp and rainbows are combined in this design – which to me symbolise youth, light and colour – alongside the logo item I have used for many years as a professional artist – the dandelion. The dandelion conjures up the outdoors, and captures the nature aspect of much of my work – as well as being a very popular subject of my paintings.

I will share the designs as soon as I can.
In the meantime I am waiting to find out if any of them get through to the sponsor event, where local businesses select the designs they want to support. 

‘Imp’ – slightly smaller version of the ones that will be painted in the spring.

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